Aloha Sea Sports Centre is been named as our centre’s name and is managed by Haiyi Sea Sports Centre Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore as a new subsidiary company of Haiyi Holdings Pte Ltd.

Our centre is the location of the former East Coast Sailing Centre (ECSC) in the 1980s and 1990s, which people remember fondly as the largest windsurfing club in the world at one time. Many of us remember and feel the historical attachment to this place, and we find great meaning to bring back the passion and vibrancy!

Our core business is to promote a wide range of non-motorised sea sports from Sailing, Windsurfing to Paddling activities such as Stand Up Paddling and other open sea paddling sports.

Our facilities include Pro Surf Shop, Equipment Storage, F&B Kiosk, Lockers, Wash Bay, Equipment Repairs, Safety Boat & Water Rescue.